Valencia, España.

Instante Henri is an art gallery and restaurant that offers a unique artistic and cultural experience. The photo gallery aims to democratize artistic photography by making it accessible to everyone through the sale of high-quality, authentic prints that are signed and numbered. It promotes talent by hosting events such as vernissages and photography workshops. The restaurant and bar complement this experience with a culinary offering that fully enhances the artistic and cultural ambiance. Guests can enjoy brunch, lunch, and dinner, along with specialty cocktails and coffee.

Photo Gallery
Where instants - moments stop and become eternal
the past inmortalized. Captured in an image.

Restaurant / Bar
Where instants - moments are shared and lived
the present experienced store in memory.

The Instante Henri logo encapsulates the interplay between motion and stillness.

INSTANTE. The moment of movement, the speed. What is not yet in focus.
This part of the logo appears "blurry" because it represents the concept of speed and movement. The idea is to visually convey that some elements are not yet in focus due to the rapid motion. 

HENRI. It stops. It focuses. It is clearly captured. The decisive moment.
This part of the logo is well-defined because it represents the moment when everything pauses and comes into focus, capturing a clear and decisive image. Highlighting the importance of precision and the ability to seize the perfect moment.

Concept Development, Naming and Design: Clara Quinteros
Photography: Andrés Renolfi
Myanmar photographies: Daiana Fernandez.

2024. Valencia, Spain.


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